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(How to be part of the Festival)

Applications for the 29th Annual North Carolina Seafood Festival will be posted mid-February, 2015.

The NC Seafood Festival’s vendors will be open during the following times:

Friday, October 2 – 12:00 noon until 8:00 pm or later
Saturday, October 3 – 10:00 am until 8:00 pm or later
Sunday, October 4 – 11:00 am until 5:00 pm

The North Carolina Seafood Festival attracts over 180,000 people each year and accommodates 150 arts and crafts and 60 food vendors along the Waterfront section in Morehead City. During the past 27 years, the Seafood Festival has grown to become the largest festival east of Raleigh. Each year the Festival strives to produce the best event possible. The North Carolina Seafood Festival is a top award winning Festival including the Southeast Tourism Society Shining Example Award Winner “Best Event in the Southeast, Overall Best Event of the Year, the Green Award, plus many more. If you are looking for marketing/sponsorship opportunities, please call the NC Seafood Festival office at 252-726-6273.

For vendor applications, click on the appropriate category and print.  Deadline for receiving applications is June 2, 2014. While completing your application, please be sure that you include all of the documentation requested by the Festival.

The NC Department of Revenue is now requiring all vendors and exhibitors who sell a product at the Festival to have a North Carolina Sales & Use Tax ID Number or “Certificate of Registration” number.  Each vendor/exhibitor is responsible for collecting and reporting their own tax.  In NC; G.S. 66-255 was amended in 2013 requiring all vendors selling or offering goods for sale to have a Certificate of Registration.  If the vendor has an existing Sales & Use Tax ID Number, a Certificate of Registration Number is not required.  The application (Form NC-BR) can be completed electronically or by mail.  The application is free.  If you apply online, you will receive your Certificate of Registration number as soon as you complete the application.  If you use snail mail, within 10 days.  For more information and the form, go to  A copy of the Tax ID Number or Certificate of Registration Number is required when submitting the vendor application. Again, this is a State of North Carolina Department of Revenue law that the Festival must enforce.

Applications will not be considered unless all documents are included. Please do not send cash and money orders through the mail. If you wish to pay by credit card, please note on your application that you will submit your credit card number upon acceptance by the NCSF Vendor Committee.

 2014 Arts, Crafts, Wine Vendor Applicaton

2014 Food Vendor Application

Carteret County Temporary Food Establishment Brochure
Carteret County Temporary Food Establishment Application

Hospitality Expectations

As a vendor in the North Carolina Seafood Festival it is the expectation of the Board that every person working in your both will do their best to serve every guest with honor, dignity and respect. In addition, we expect vendors to treat other vendors as well as volunteers and members of the Seafood Festival Board in the same manner. Our goal as a Board is that you will be a “Raving Fan” of the Seafood Festival and that you will join us in making each guest to the Festival a Raving Fan as well. In doing so, we together will protect and build the long term viability of the Festival. Failure to comply with our hospitality expectations can result in vendors being asked not to participate in future NC Seafood Festivals.

If at any point you believe you have been handled in a way that does not reflect the spirit of this hospitality agreement or you have seen other vendors act in a manner detrimental to the spirit of this agreement, we ask that you send an email to The Board will review all submissions and respond by the end of October.


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  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm


The North Carolina Seafood Festival has announced Lawrie Murray as the winner of the 2014 Best Festival Photo. The winning image gave a spectacular view of Saturday night’s fireworks being
The North Carolina Seafood Festival is honored to have been chosen as a Pinnacle Award Winner by the International Festivals and Events Association for 2014! The IFEA paid tribute to