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Feature Friday: NC Seafood Shirts


At #NCSeafoodFest, it is our mission to advocate for North Carolina harvested seafood, while working to strengthen the local economy, community, and fishing industry. With this goal in mind, it was our objective in 2015 to not only serve local seafood to our guests during the Festival, but to also make an impact on the industry in other substantial ways.

From this came the creation of our NC Seafood Shirt. Designed to represent the state of North Carolina, and the overwhelming impact the seafood industry has on the economy, the shirt also gave a nod to our area, with our beloved mascot placed on Morehead City’s location. With the purchase of each shirt, $5 was donated to the non-profit organization, NC Catch.

The mission of NC Catch, in partnership with local Catch groups, is to strengthen the NC Seafood economy through promotion. A large part of the work NC Catch does is to educate consumers on the importance of choosing local seafood, and how to identify, prepare, and safely store their local catch. In addition, NC Catch publicizes where to purchase local seafood in both coastal and inland areas.

The NC Seafood Festival works closely with NC Catch to educate our attendees about the benefits of local seafood, especially in our Cooking With The Chefs Tent. This year, chefs representing several catch groups were exhibition chefs in the Tent, with each cooking an under-utilized seafood item.


At the 2016 NC Catch Summit on March 7th, The NC Seafood Festival Board of Directors presented NC Catch with a check for a portion of proceeds collected from shirt sales at the 2015 Festival. NC Seafood Shirts will continue to be sold throughout the year and into the 2016 Festival, at which $5 from each shirt will be donated to NC Catch to assist with continuing their mission of seafood education and promotion. Shirts are available for purchase from our website or at the Festival office, 412-D Evans Street, Morehead City.

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