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(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. When is the Festival?
The Festival officially opens on Friday at NOON for vendors on the waterfront. NO ADMISSION! This year the dates and times are as follows:

FRIDAY- October 6, 2017
NOON -11pm
Vendors Open at Noon
Rides Open at 2pm

SATURDAY- October 7, 2017
Vendors & Rides Open at 11:00 AM
FIREWORKS at 9pm over the water!

SUNDAY- October 8, 2017
Vendors & Rides Open at 10:00 AM

2. Where can I park?
STATE PORT-  FREE parking is offered at the NC State Port, 113 Arendell Street, Morehead City, with a free shuttle Saturday & Sunday ONLY to and from the Festival grounds. The shuttle leaves from the state port and carries attendees to 4th Street. The shuttle runs Saturday from 9 AM– Midnight and Sunday from 10 AM– 7 PM.

Other lots around the footwall area are operated by community groups with most charging a daily fee to park. We urge you NOT to park on side streets or alleys surrounding the festival. Vehicles parked illegally will be towed at owners expense.

3. Do you offer handicap parking?
Handicap parking spaces are available on the North side of Arendell Street between 7th and 8th Streets and on the South side of Arendell between 8th and 9th Streets. Additional handicapped accessible parking is available at the North Carolina Port on Saturday and Sunday, and Front Street Village from Friday-Sunday with a handicapped accessible shuttle to bring visitors to the Festival.

4. What if I need extra cash?
There will be three PNC provided ATM’s at the NC Seafood Festival’s Product Tent on the new Viewing Deck, on 6th and Evans Street, and on 8th and Evans Street.

5. Are pets allowed at the Festival?
Over the last twenty nine years, the number of people visiting the Festival has steadily grown. Over the past several years, the Festival has noticed a dramatic increase in the number of pets. In order to ensure the safety of our patrons and of the pets, please leave pets at home.

6. Where can I stay during festival weekend?
Please refer to our accommodations page for recommended properties for our guests.

7. Where can I find more information?
Updates are available on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter  pages – The North Carolina Seafood Festival. Also, download our FREE Mobile App, available on Apple & Android devices!

8. Safety Policy Statement
In order to allow the Festival performances to be heard and maintain pedestrian traffic flow and safety, the following activities are prohibited in the festival streets during festival hours:

1. the use of sound amplification equipment (except for official Festival vendors and stages);
2. the erection or use of temporary platforms, stages, or other structures (except for Festival vendors);
3. other activities that significantly impede the flow of pedestrians through the Festival;
4. The Festival streets are closed to non-authorized vehicle traffic. Authorized vehicles include board member golf carts and emergency service vehicles (medial, fire and police). No skateboards, bikes, scooters, rollerblades, motocycles or motorbikes are permitted on the festival streets during festival hours.

These prohibitions do not apply in the following area: 9th street and Evans Street.

9.  One of the goals of the North Carolina Seafood Festival is to promote the commercial fishing industry throughout the state of North Carolina as well as buying American caught seafood. We promote this industry in many ways and one way is through using seafood caught in our coastal waters  for the dishes prepared at the festival. In our Cooking with the Chef’s Tent, we utilize seafood procured from North Carolina Seafood Retailers and North Carolina produce secured from area farmers. Furthermore, our event is sponsored by Got To Be NC and our festival displays their emblems proudly.

Every food vendor that is sanctioned by the festival is asked and encouraged to purchase their seafood from local fisherman, their distributors and retailers; however we cannot guarantee or police what vendors purchase. We can only encourage the practice of supporting the wonderful industry that is a beloved part of our vibrant economy.

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Each year, The North Carolina Seafood Festival produces a Storefront Poster that is distributed to hundreds of businesses on the Crystal Coast and beyond to promote the upcoming Festival. Inclusion
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