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Meet Chef Holly Herrick | Cooking With The Chefs Tent

Chef Holly Herrick

NC Seafood Festival Schedule
Saturday, October 1st | Exhibition Chef- 12:00 PM
Saturday, October 1st | Book Signing at Dee Gee’s Gifts & Books- Time TBA
Sunday, October 2nd | Food Lion Cooking Challenge Judge- 11:00 AM-4:30 PM


Author Holly Herrick loves to eat, prepare, and write about delicious food. A cum laude graduate of Boston College (Journalism, 1987), she started chasing her food writing dreams in Paris, France where she studied at Le Cordon Bleu and earned Le Grande Diplome in Cuisine and Pastry.

A long-time restaurant critic for The Post and Courier, Charleston S.C.’s daily newspaper, and contributor to many national and regional magazines, Holly’s just published her eighth cookbook, Mashed – Beyond the Potato (Gibbs Smith, Sept. 6, 2016).

She has called Charleston, SC home for sixteen years. To follow her culinary adventures, visit Holly’s web site and blog at

Get To Know Chef Holly Herrick

What ingredients do you always have on hand?
I like to have a fully stocked, seasonal pantry so I can whip up just about anything. This includes basic staples like eggs, butter, flour, milk, pasta, rice, and a full arsenal of spices and herbs from my garden- especially basil and parsley. In summer, I always have cucumbers, tomatoes, peaches, avocados, melon. In fall, it moves into fall squashes, lots of winter squashes, etc. as the seasons roll on by. I cook very simply, with an emphasis on taste, seasoning, freshness, and technique.

What is your go-to meal to cook? Always, always, always a delicious pot roast- even in the summer. I love braising meats and vegetables. It infuses the house with such beautiful aromas and draws such magical flavors from food. In the summer, I’ll use summer squashes and sweet onions, fall, more winter squashes as garnishes. I’m really in love with parsnips and turnips these days.

Favorite seafood dish? Charleston girl in me has to say shrimp and grits, right? I love stews and chowders and bisques using seafood. I wrote a whole book on it! But, I also love squeaky fresh fish broiled with butter, bread crumbs and some lemon and served with a nice simple salad. Beautiful!

What is your favorite food trend right now? I love that people are really learning more about basic cooking and ingredients. In particular, increased awareness to different acids to use in cooking. Not just lemon anymore, but Meyer lemons or blood oranges. Champagne vinegar and Apple Cider vinegar- and all the nuances between them. Same goes for spices and fresh herbs. It thrills me that people, in general, are taking more interest and being more hands-on in what they’re cooking and understanding more of the reasons behind every cooking decision. I see this a lot out on the road teaching, and it makes me very, very happy.

The Cooking With The Chefs Tent will be located at the corner of 4th and Evans Street, and will be open on Saturday, October 1st and Sunday, October 2nd.

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